Last post for the year 2013!

Another year ender post for me =)

Well 2013 has been great for me..
although I lost some things, friends etc..
but I definitely gained a lot more
And I really do thank God for everything

I hope that I'll have a Happy New Year tonight..

Happy New Year everyone !

And I welcome 2014 wholeheartedly =)

Last post for the year 2012 =)

another end of the year =))

well 2012 it's been fun ! =)
lots of ups and downs
new challenges
new friends
I thank GOD for all of it =)

the world didn't end ! =)

Welcome 2013 ! 



so me and my other online friends made a new community..

and it's a community where in you can reqeust banners, icons..etc..

the name of it..is PONNYAGLOMPCHUU..our name actually represents each one of us..^^

so i'm just promoting it.

it would be great if you join and request !!

arigatou ! ^^

here's the link ! hope you'll join ne? ^^



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yamapi aah ! ^^

Scrap Teacher

uwaa !! just  finished watching scrap teacher !!

1st of all !! tnx ate bamn ! for giving me the program so i was able to watch it !!

ok so..

it was very good !!

they all look mature..(but still young in a way) and soo kakkoi ! esp Chinen, Yamada and Daiki..

there was one scene where in Yuto was bullied by 3 boys..and then he was locked in the bathroom..with his things wet and they even showered him with water.. !

but then..


uwaa it's like they are heroes !!

and then there was also a scene..where in Yamada came in riding in a helicopter !! he looks so kakkoi !! .(well i dont want to be spoiler to those who want to watch it..)

and well the teacher jumped off...actually Yamada pushed him off...and then Yamada came !!

owh and another one !  at first i thought he looks horrible in it..but then i realized that he looks good wearing his kendo outfit !!

uwaa can't wait for the next ep !

o well even though i can't understand much watching it was really fun !!

also can't wait for the subbed one !

i wonder who will sub it !


so here it end my blog..

owh btw please comment if you visit this blog..^^